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RealClear Radio Hour was a nationally syndicated one-hour weekly program that broadcast January 2014 – January 2017. At retirement, the program broadcast 27 times weekly on 17 stations in 15 cities, with 15 streaming broadcasts and 3 permanent podcasts:

  • WXKS 1200 and WJMN 94.5FM-HD2 in Boston Saturdays 1p & 7p & Sundays 4a ET,
  • KNEW 960 & KOSF 103.7FM-HD2 in San Francisco Saturdays 10a & 4p & Sundays 1a PT,
  • KBDB 96.7FM-HD3 in Forks, WA Fridays 1a PT,
  • 1030 KVOI in Tucson, AZ Saturdays 4a & 8p MT,
  • KSBN 1230 Money Talk in Spokane, WA Saturdays 5a PT,
  • WRFH 101.7FM Radio Free Hillsdale Saturdays 7a & Sundays 7p ET,
  • Cities 92.9FM WRPW in Bloomington, IL Saturdays 7a CT,
  • 1590 WSMN in Nashua, NH Saturdays 12p ET,
  • KATE 1450 in Alberta Lea, MN Saturdays 1p CT,
  • 1330 WEBY in Pensacola, FL Saturdays 3p CT,
  • WACV 93.1FM News Talk in Montgomery, AL Sundays 9a CT,
  • KCAP 950 in Helena, MT Sundays 11:30a MT,
  • KRMR 105.7FM The Patriot in Hays, KS Sundays 3p CT,
  • KNNS 1510 The Patriot in Larned, KS Sundays 3p CT, &
  • KVOW 1450 in Riverton, WY Sundays 3p MT

The archive of 300+ interviews is available on iTunes, SoundCloud, and YouTube

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